Winnipeg Free Press – December 13, 2013   


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  1. I remember back in the early days. Seemed every New Years Harlequin would grace the stage of the Body Shop (nicknamed the Shoddy Bop). Gary was a major part of the band and would come and party after the show. Later on I moved to Toronto and reacquainted at the Elmo. By the time I moved to Winnipeg things had changed and I was more a friend of the two Randy’s , Hiebert and Booth. I was also doing my creative thing touring the prairies and would often meet on the road. I am in Calgary now and Dec.31st your at the Deerfoot Casino and I won’t miss the chance to touch base and share a night where I first listened to Harlequin and the memories since. George you have kept this so alive for so long , my personal thanks. John Hudson