Paul McNair   

Paul McNairPhoto by Doug Budzak Jr

Meet Paul – bass

As the youngest in a family of ten children Paul knew the spotlight at an early age. He would entertain gatherings with his inflatable Snoopy guitar by mimicking all the artists of the day, and already as a child seemed to have found his calling.

At the age of eight he got a real guitar and began learning the songs that pleased his older siblings – Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor etc. – but while hanging with his peers he developed a love for singing and melodies from The Beatles, then learned to rock with Rush, Randy Rhoads and Van Halen.

He was highly involved in musical productions in high school under the direction of Grant and Connie Shaw whom he cites as major influences.

Upon graduating he took a job at K-Mart but was easily lured away by a call from a local band to play some gigs and never looked back.

Paul is a natural musician and can pretty much play anything he puts his mind to. He taught himself to play keyboards and his perfect pitch and vocal range has made him a popular man in recording studios and bands around his hometown of Winnipeg.

In fact, Paul was originally recruited by Harlequin in the early ’90s as a keyboard/guitar player.

Paul later struck out on his own to form the legendary Boogie Knights Band which saw a great deal of success and must have employed every worthy musician in Winnipeg for years!

Among his other bands of note are: Momentary Madness, Ministers of Cool and That 70’s Band to name a few.

He is now proudly back in Harlequin, this time in the role of bass player. George is glad to have him back tackling those high harmonies and he even has plans to make him play the tuba as well!  <nudge nudge, wink wink>