Past Members   

When singer George Belanger joined Harlequin, the band consisted of bassist Ralph James, drummer David Budzak, guitarist Lawrie Koyle and keyboardist Gary Golden. Koyle chose to leave the band and return to university and was shortly replaced with Glen Willows, who would round out the “original” lineup.

A band shakeup in the mid-’80s saw a number of lineup changes. As George tells it, “Firstly Glen and Gary quit, then Ralph decided to manage the band, leaving Dave and I. [We] flew in Jeff Jones [of Red Ryder] and Steve Jensen [Goddo, Zappacosta] from Toronto. Then Dave got an offer to run Westsun Media, a Winnipeg production company, so he left. Dave had to decide on his long term goals. He was having physical problems caused by years of drumming and it wasn’t getting any better so he reluctantly decided to forgo his musical career. Ralph and I were left, he in the front office and I bought everyone out. The first touring members of Harlequin were put together from a great pool of Winnipeg musicians.”

What follows is a list of selected former members of Harlequin, and what they’ve been up to.

  • Ralph James is the president of The Agency Group in Toronto.
  • David Budzak is the president of Fifty North Events.
  • Glen Willows is the president of Burning Circus Management.
  • Lawrie Koyle is the owner of K Communications and investor relations for Arrowstar Resources.
  • Gary Golden has recently rejoined the band.
  • Steve Jensen has worked in management and art design for artists ranging from the B52’s to Adam Lambert.
  • Randy Hiebert (guitar) is now with The Bellamy Bros. and also producing their records.
  • Randy Booth (bass) played with Woodwork, sadly passed away August 27, 2008.
  • Brad Meadmore aka Chang (drum) recently played with the Vancouver band Veal.
  • Igmar Munsch (keyboards) was in Woodwork with Brad Meadmore.
  • Craig Fotheringham (keyboards) was a producer and studio musician, sadly passed away January 8, 2012.
  • Rob Waite (drums) played with Woodwork, Choirboys and Howling Now.
  • Nik Rivers (bass) also with Woodwork, Choirboys and Howling Now.
  • MJ Hutton (keyboards and guitar) also from Woodwork, Choirboys and Howling Now.
  • Steve Broadhurst (drums) is a studio musician who has played in Jersey Boys and currently with Doc Walker.
  • Paul McNair (keyboards and guitar) plays with Ministers of Cool and Momentary Madness.
  • Paul Schellenberg (keyboards) sadly died in an accident several years ago.
  • Kevin Radomski (drums) renowned drum teacher and saved us in a pinch a few times.
  • Chris Burke Gaffney (guitar) known as lead singer and bass player for Orphan and The Pumps.
  • Blair De Pape (bass) played with Deadbeat Honeymooners and Streetheart and is now currently back in the band.
  • Jim Cote (bass) studio musician, awesome player out of Calgary.
  • Darren Moore (keyboards and vocals) engineered several Harlequin projects.

This list is by no means complete, however we believe we have covered most of the key contributors. If you think we’ve made a grievous error of omission, please let us know on the Contact page.