Nik Rivers   

Nik RiversMeet Nik – bass, vocals

1. Musical Influences

Oh man back in the day there were so many. As far as bass playing goes probably bands like YES you know with Chris Squire, even RUSH back then, great technical bass playing… A lot of bands.

2. What Inspired you to make music a full time career

It’s a lot easier than working !!

3. Spinal Tap Moments

I think it’s just one constant Spinal Tap Moment. It’s never ending. Once you get the music driven you discover that it’s one constant Spinal Tap Moment.

4. Favorite acts you toured with

We’ve been doing some tours with The Headpins and Prism lately. And a lot of other bands. It’s more musicians getting crazier

5. When did you join Harlequin

“I think it was the 40’s. I was stationed in France, I got out of the war. I met George I think it was in Italy and …. yeah it was right after the Second World War”.

6. Favorite Harlequin songs

I like all of them. When you’re a fan of music, you like all of them. They’re all great tunes.

7. Other Music projects

Just the new album which we’re doing right now which has been taking up most of our time. Yeah just focusing on the new Harlequin record.

8. Bass and Gear that you use

I have a full Fender package. When it comes down to guitars they have to sound great. I have 10 Fender basses. That’s what I use, and a small bass amp, but when it comes down to the guitars… always !!! (Fender)

9. Thoughts on Today’s Music scene.

It’s all good. In my days music was my drug. It gets you going, it gets you happy, it gets you sad, it’s a beautiful experience. And today’s kids are having that thing created, that’s great, they got that music going on.