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Hi kids and welcome to Camp Harlequin. My name is Uncle Nik Rivers and I’ll be your camp councilor. The summer season is upon us and we’ve got a busy schedule ahead of us, with lots of fun filed activities for all you boys and girls!

As you may know the band has just released our new recording titled Waking The Jester available at finer music stores across North America, on-line from our web site or best of all in person at one of our live shows!

Everyone in the band is really excited about the new CD and we know the new songs really put some kick into our shows. I’ve been in the band for a really long time (150 years) and along with our classic songs, this is the best Harlequin has ever performed and sounded. What I’m trying to say is check out our site, find out when we’re playing at a venue near you and come check us out! Our website always has the tour dates on it.

This newsletter won’t be too long because Uncle Nik is lazy, but I want to let you know that we really want to see or hear from you this summer, we really mean it. In fact we were once voted second friendliest band in Canada (I think Fred Penner was first).

There is one more thing that you can do for us this summer besides learning how to paddle a canoe, if you haven’t heard our new single “Shine On” on the radio yet, give you’re local station a call and tell them to give it a spin.

I’d love to stay but I have to throw another log on the fire and don’t forget if you need anything at all, advice or tip maybe some personal counseling, drop me a line. ROCK ON KIDS!


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  1. Hi Guys!

    I was one of the huge group of rockin’ fans at Cowboys last night and want to thank you for all of the fun. I am still buzzing and I am so excited to tell everyone I was “signed” by Harlequin after the show. Come back to Calgary soon!


  2. Hey Nik,

    I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the band for an amazing performance and evening in Calgary on June 30th (Cathy’s 40th).The evening was a blast and one that we will all remember forever. You guys were the best with the kids and I know that I have a little girl who is still talking about the evening. She loved it! Great night, thanks!

    Hey, where does one sign up for Camp Harlequin and end up with you as camp councilor? 😉

    Hope to catch you again in concert soon.