Winnipeg 01/16/15   

Harlequin played Winnipeg with Chilliwack on January 16, 2015 at the Club Regent Event Centre, which George Belanger called “probably the best sounding room I have ever played in.”
All photos are courtesy of Don Windsor.

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Harlequin and Chilliwack belt out classics at Club Regent
By Doug Kretchmer
January 23, 2015

Homegrown heroes Harlequin started off the evening with their very familiar hits pumping up the sold out crowd at Club Regent last Friday night. Their 65-minute set consisted mainly of songs from their first two albums from 1979 and 1980.

They also did a great rendition of The Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down”, and the way the crowd reacted, it seemed like no one was let down.

The band did their part by bringing everyone back to that place where they were when they first heard these songs. The audience did their part by giving back to the band some good energy and appreciation.

As well as paying tribute to The Beatles, there was a tip of the hat to blues greats like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and BB King, when they launched into the “new song”, “Shine On” (2007). This blues inspired tune was written after guitarist Derrick Gottfried came up with a few riffs in the studio. Gottfried even played a bit of “Purple Haze” before the song and the band played a bit of Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” at the end of “Superstitious Feeling”.

After singing along to songs like “Sweet Things in Life” and “Innocence”, and “coming out to support live music,” as singer George Belanger said, the audience was ready for headliners Chilliwack.

{Chilliwack portion of review snipped}

For the finale, Harlequin singer George Belanger was invited on stage for a vocal duet on “Fly At Night”. He in turn, called his band mate, bass player Paul McNair, on stage to help out. McNair then picked up a guitar for a triple guitar assault to end the evening.

Looked like they were having just as much fun up there as we were on the floor and in the seats for the 80-minute set of classic rock hits. And There’s Something I Like About That.

Read the full review and check out Doug Kretchmer’s photos on the Community News Commons website.

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  1. Sharon kiesman

    Okay I miss you guys, if you could email me you tour for western Canada. Okay being from Mb. I love Rock and this town so needs you. Please sign on for Canmore Fest. Aug 4–8. My home is your home.

  2. sharon kiesman

    I love your music. Please come to Canmore, Alberta, I am from Mb.

  3. Darrell Nesbitt

    From 1978 as a high school student to today, photographer/reporter for a weekly paper in the Manitoba community of Shoal Lake, Harlequin is truly still rocking and sounding great. ‘Stories I Could Tell’ are plenty, as many nights myself and friends were “Barely Alive” and when I hear “Thinking Of You’, I think of a great buddy who passed due to cancer. Keep up the great work, and we all find a way to “Survive”!

  4. Lynne Matenchuk

    Hi George Belanger….we go back along while ago,when you had your Pasta and More shop. You were a client of ours. You bought perogies form us(Alicia’s Restaurant). I often delivered your order,and often bought your Pasta.By the way I loved everything in your shop.!! I have been laid up for many years and now I am getting out a little with assistance. So I would like to come to your concerts to hear some good music and get to soo you again.
    Could you send me information on your events in and around Winnipeg.(dates & ticket price. Looking forward to hearing from you! Respectfully,big fan,lynne Matenchuk

    • Hi Lynne,
      George reads a lot of these comments, but sometimes he misses some, so I’m just gonna weigh in here. With regard to show information, we’ve got the tour dates posted on every page here, and there is usually a notice on Facebook shortly before a show.
      Harlequin will be back in Winnipeg on September 25 at the Club Regent. Please give the venue a call for information on ticket prices, etc. (I suspect George would tell you the same thing, as it’s usually the venue that sets the ticket price.) Hope you can come out and enjoy the show!

  5. Good concert you guys had the show