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Many thanks to Expozit Photography, the Official Photographer of Harlequin.

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  1. Greetings.

    Having worked with the band in the past (Glen Willows & I worked together to start up the Harlequin website back around 2003), it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the band (past and present). A lot of the photos we dug up from the past had incredible stories behind them. All the best and hats off to the new webmaster for keeping this website up and going.

    Cheers everyone and hope one of these days to see my favorite Winnipeg band grace their musical presence here in Baltimore/Washington DC.

  2. Terry Rantala

    Hello Harlequin!!! You guys are awesome, not only one of my fave Canadian bands but ….. one of my fave all time bands. I have seen you guys many, many times over the years. I am from Thunder Bay and will be at the CLE on the 11th of August to see you guys perform all your great hits once more. What I am hoping for is that I can get you guys to sign a LP for me, I have 2,500, about 100 signed by artists but you guys adding your names to the LP and my list would just be amazing. I will see you soon, and hope to get the signitures. THANKS!!

  3. I grew up in that era with Toronto, Headpins, Helix, etc and still love the music and have a huge collection of music. I wish that Harlequin would remaster Victim Of A Song, and Harlequin, i purchased Love Crimes and One False Move this year and wow what an awesome albums. I hope i see those 2 cd’s remastered soon, i think you guys are awesome, i have all your cd’s to date and also caught some shows. Keep on rockin’

  4. Norm Vermette

    I grew up listening to Harlequin on the “Old” 92 Citi, and actually i remember Bro Jake upon his departure from Citi playing “Its all over now” as his last going away song. Great memories!! Like Robert Huot’s comment, I wish the Band would release some old concert videos (maybe a DVD??) or the vid to “Take this heart”.
    Thanks again to George & The Quin boys.


  5. I love the band. I’m even in your take this heart video. My friends Adrian and Michael all went to the Don Jail where you shot the video. We are in the background for several shots holding those light sticks. Are you going to post your videos, or where we can get a copy.