Paul Returns!

Paul McNairWe would like to welcome Paul McNair back on board. Some of you may recognize him from years ago when he was playing keyboards and guitar in the band. Paul will now be playing bass and adding his superb vocal range to the mix.

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  1. Dropped by the park last night and was pleased to hear George and the boys playing some excellent songs, but there was this one voice I could not place, well moving up closer to the stage nope couldn’t tell , well came to this site and who is it Paul. You guys sounded really good minus the clunky PA system Paul a good addition to the group just don’t let me hear any rag top lover or let it rain tunes.

  2. Lesley Schlitz

    Harlequin played in Humboldt, SK. They totally rocked the house. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. Thanks Paul and the rest of the band for a nite to remember!
    Forever a fan

  3. Loved the last show in Calgary! I really loved your version of Gimme Shelter and wish I could have recorded it. Paul’s vocals nailed it. Come back to Calgary soon.

  4. Is Nik ok

  5. What has happened to Nik

  6. u guys are AWESOME!!!!