Newsletter from Darren

It’s hotter than hell on the prairies….yea haw! But we can take it, cold drinks, good tans, warm water and skimpy’s all good.

We’ve put on a few miles so far this summer and met alot of you Internet people face to face finally…whether we met via our newsletter or myspace.
The first single “Shine On” made quite a bit of headway in Canada, into Europe, online radio and poked it’s nose out a wee into the US. We thought since the summer is still young and our summer touring is not nearly over yet, we’d release the second single. So we have…”Rise” has been sent to radio stations and will hopefully be on the airwaves over the next few weeks. Soooo….. again we’ll respectfully ask for your support in calling your local radio stations and requesting Rise or Shine On…it REALLY helps us get on the air and chart. Let me know how it goes.

BTW…. I did send and hand out some CD`s and merchandise to some of you folks that went over the top, to help us market the first single. Thanks again, every little thing means alot to us. Let us know what you have done, it helps us track for marketing purposes.

Congratulations to our guitar player Derrick Gottfried and his better half (seriously)…..he is a proud father for the first time, to a son aptly named Hendrix, (Derrick believes his life won`t change much.) The rest of us bite our lips.

Congratulations to Nik Rivers our bass player, for being nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for writing our last newsletter, under the pen name of Uncle Nik.

Congratulations to George Belanger our lead singer, for more than keeping up with some of us rowdies and pulling us out of bed in the mornings to hit the next gig. We also want to congratulate him at practising on keeping his snoring at around 84 DB, just under permanent hearing damage volume. (Planes are not immune either.)

Just because I don`t want to be left out….congratulations to me for being seriously drank under the table, by 61 year old vocalist Dan McCafferty, of Nazareth last weekend. I still hurt (really)!

and finally, congratulations to those of you that read this far.

Thanks again,
Darren Moore

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  1. You guys were just awsome in mattawa!!!
    And the pic i took with Darren is so cute!
    -xxx- Shanen