Grey Cup Post From George

We recently played the Winnipeg Convention Center for the Grey Cup festivities and got to meet fans from all across the country. It’s always remarkable talking to people that grew up listening to the band… almost like talking to members of your own family! Lately, our fan base seems to be getting broader as younger people become exposed to our “radio hits”. There was a real party atmosphere as you can imagine, with all those football fans primed and stoked, arriving after the game! As most of them were visiting from out of town they had no problem “getting loose”.

I spoke to one guy who said he’d seen the band a long time ago in Vancouver and was so happy we were still going! He said we sounded even better this time. He bought a couple of CD’s to take home to friends and was praising our new tunes!! Man!!! It is so much fun to meet people like that!

The band was energized and played amazingly that night!! I’m so proud of this line-up! It seems there are a few members of the band “excluding me”… who draw the attention of young females!! I think it’s @#%&^ great!!

Rock On!

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  1. Hey Guys Enjoyed your show here in Thunder Bay~!~even outside. Thanks for entertaining the masses at Old Fort William, as it was a great show.

    Hope to see y’all again in Thunder Bay.

    BTW Who was that cutie pie drummer? YUM

  2. George and the rest of the band! Dudes, you will be playing at the most beautiful place on earth this summer. Nakusp Music Fest! Can’t wait to see and hear you there. I’ve never gotten the chance to see or hear you live. I dated a Guitar player in the lates 70’s early 80’s and he was always playing your stuff! I play the guitar myself now! I’ll also be working the hospitality tent for you all at the fest. Can’t wait to hear, meet and greet you all. Take care, rock on and see you next summer. Cheers Heather

    P. S. I was a bartender in the 80’s in Halifax but you guys were too big to play at my club then! 🙂

  3. You guys should make sure that your site is listed high on the search engines, I had quite a time finding you.

    I had a really great time at your show and I agree with you George, those 2 guys with the beautiful long dark hair on either side of the stage, are TASTY!

    Your music is good to.

    When are you playing here next?

  4. I was present at the post-Grey Cup festivities in Winnipeg, and witnessed the best rock show I have seen in years. The energy, the band, the music, yes Harlequin! I didn’t realize you had so many songs that I was familiar with.
    Do you guys ever perform in the Toronto area? I have tons of friends that would love to experience, what I experienced at your show!

    You Have A New Fan
    Salty Dog