George’s Newsletter Feb 08

It’s been long c-c-c-ccold winter so how are you c-c-c-c-coping? C-c-c-cac-c-cooning? C-c-c-c-canning kumquats? C-c-c-c-canceling appointments? Hey, it sure is fun running into people that visit our website!! The photos fans send of themselves or of the band are very much appreciated! I only wish we could post them all!! Unfortunately a lot of them haven’t made it past the censors … who have absolutely no sense of humor… “Heavy sigh”… effen guys!! A little nudity and debauchery never killed anyone … in this band … yet!! Oh! The mammaries!! EH! I think there’s something wrong with my spell-check!

Here at Quin Headquarters we’ve been busy writing music for our next project. We’re thinking maybe of two releases this year!! We’ve been accumulating live recordings and have quite a bit of material in the can already, but we’re finding the latest versions only get better! So we’ll give it until the end of this summer. Therefore next time we’re in your area make sure you come out and make a lot of noise so we can get your rowdy behavior recorded for posterity!

It’s been a pleasure having AJ on board as our new drummer!! We will be outing our new promo shot with him in it very soon!!

Keep on Rockin’

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  1. I missed seeing you all quite a few years ago now (I think I just aged myself, oh well lol), but, hopefully, I will get to see you in Athabasca – with hubby and the kidlets in tow 🙂
    Most of us here are sooo glad that we’re getting “real” bands out here now 🙂
    Awesome! Can’t Wait to see you!!

  2. I forgot to thank Nik for the piks and AJ for the signed drum stick. My youngest son wants to learn drums and he latched onto it and has it put up with all of his other special keepsakes.

  3. You guys were awesome, we seen you in Feb in Estevan at the Beefeater… the first time I’ve seen you in concert not that I have not enjoyed your music since I was a teenager. Oh ya that was not that long ago LOL. I’m hoping to get another chance to see you again…
    I purchased your Jester CD from you at the concert and I can’t stop listening to it… love the beat and the lyrics.. awesome job boys! I can’t wait to hear what you are working on now.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you soon!

    Later, Donna

  4. Mariha the crazy STREETHEART Kid

    Hey there boys

    You guys rock see you in august in preccvill cant wait hope to mee you guys for the first time you rock Lvoe mariha