Darren’s update

Hey friends of Harlequin…..it’s time for an update…..so I’ll throw what I’ve got in the pot.

Well so far we’ve had a great year…performed in front of thousands of folks across the country, released our new CD Waking The Jester, with two singles “Shine On” and “Rise”, with a third single on the way. This is the biggest year Harlequin has had since…well we really can’t remember…we’ll just say since back in the day (you’ll have to ask George, I’m one of the new kids).

We’ve been courted and picked up by a European distributor and are selling the CD all over the world, yes really….so if you haven’t got yours yet, please, please support us starving musicians and grab a copy at your local CD shoppe. If they don’t have it in stock, just request one, it takes a day or two for delivery. If you’re more inclined to shop online, you can purchase one from either of our sites http://www.harlequintheband.com/ or http://www.myspace.com/harlequinrocks no excuses now! Also check out the sites for pix, show dates and general info. BTW, if you have any pictures you’d like to share just e-mail them to us at harlequinrock@gmail.com and we’ll gladly post them. (If you’re taking pictures of me, make sure to get my left side?)

I know I’ve offered this before to our Newsletter members and have delivered at almost every show….but the first four people that request admittance to one of our shows in your neighbourhood, will get in on behalf of the band. So keep in touch…if possible we will grant you access to our backstage area (where restrictions allow) to meet and hang and have photo opps. If this doesn’t impress you, we’ll have Nik, AJ, George and Derrick perform a comedy routine for you (I don’t like being laughed at, other than on stage (: )

For you easterners, yes we are planning on coming your way, hopefully sooner than later. We are also looking into some international touring in the New Year, based on the success of our CD release. There are some other exciting “things” on the scope, however politics doesn’t allow me to expose any details yet…..(don’t cha hate when someone starts a story and won’t finish it?)

Ciao for now
Darren Moore aka Big Time

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