S’been too long since we’ve posted, our sincerest apologies.

What’s going on? Well the band has decoded the secret to longevity;

  1. Do what your heart desires and to hell with the consequences (morals are implied, well with most band members)
  2. Be open minded and receptive to change. (Darren finally left his 80’s hair on the barber’s floor, Nik’s just got to splurge for a new hat)
  3. Make fans friends and communicate face to face at shows. (We try to say hi to everyone that wants to meet us. Unfortunately there isn’t enough room or rider to satisfy everyone back stage, though we often try! Although some bands we often share the stage with don’t appreciate our friends in their riders (:)
  4. Laugh as often as you can. (see #1)

We are talking about recording some new material for the summer and are working up a new live show.

We are just starting to flesh out our summer tour dates and would like to hook up with you there. You can always find us at the merch booths after every show, so come over and share a laugh.

Till then warmest regards from George, Derrick, AJ, Nik and me, Mr. Dress-Up

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