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WINNIPEG, Manitoba. – April 25th, 2007
2006 Western Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductees Harlequin is pleased to announce the release of the much heralded “Waking The Jester.” Harlequin gained its foothold as a staple Canadian classic rock artist in the eighties and has recently been regaining much national attention, with the re-emergence of today’s classic rock radio format. The band is gearing up to tour Canada immediately, in support of the new CD, which delivers both the power and finesse expected by their existing fans and new younger audiences who are discovering classic rock. The band has recently been performing from coast to coast, playing to capacity audiences at arenas, festivals and other venues.
Lead Vocalist George Belanger stated; “The CD title “Waking The Jester” implies that we are picking up from where we left off after the first three albums. We spent over a year crafting 13 new tunes in the true flavor of Harlequin and in the spirit of good classic rock. Based on initial audience response and my personal opinion, this is some of the strongest material Harlequin has ever produced!”
The CD is a collaborative effort shared between George Belanger, Derrick Gottfried, Darren Moore and Nick Rivers. Harlequin’s line up is fronted by original singer/songwriter George Belanger. George is joined by Derrick Gottfried on guitar, Darren Moore on guitar and keyboards and Nick Rivers on bass. Darren and Derrick have also stepped out on this album, sharing the vocal spotlight with George, each performing a track adding their distinct energy to the CD. Original writer and guitarist Glen Willows also performs on a track.
The CD release party is slated for June 1st in hometown Winnipeg MB. at the Canad Inns venue “Silverados.” The new show combines all the components of a classic rock concert performance, accentuated with the theatrics of choreographed dancers and performers.

Harlequin has signed a 3 year distribution deal with Fontana North. Fontana North is the result of a partnership between leading Canadian independent music distributor MapleNationWide and Fontana Distribution, the U.S. based independent distribution arm of the Universal Music Group.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that I passed your press release from the Forum on to I figured you guys wouldn’t mind. I find that this site is an awesome promotional tool on the internet for AOR/Melodic rock. He’s posted your press release along with a copy of the CD cover in today’s news section. I hope this helps move some extra copies of the disc. He also likes to promote re-releases of classic albulms (hint, hint ;-))

    All the best,
    Mike Koshel

  2. The Live CD sounds great to me. I have always regretted I was too young to catch the band back in the heyday when they would play the Wescana in The Pas.

    I feel that it’s an absolute crime that most of Harlequin’s, Streetheart’s and Chilliwack’s back catalog are unavailable to the music buying public. I would love to support these artists but there’s just so little of their catalog available. A crying shame, I say!

  3. Harlequin Message Board and Blog

    Mike the Japanese CD is a surprise to me, I didn’t know there were any CD releases other than the Greatest Hits and the new Waking The Jester. There are no plans to reissue the older albums to CD format. However we have had casual conversations about a live CD covering all the hits and a few from under the sofa…….

    Darren Moore

  4. Hey guys,

    I have always loved your stuff having listened to you guys on the radio when I was a kid growing up in The Pas. The new album is great. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since I got it yesterday from CDPlus.
    Are there any plans to have your studio albums released on CD? I have the Japanese release of Love Crimes but would gladly buy all 4 if you guys managed to get them available again.

  5. I’d heard that Robbie Waite played drums for you @ times…does he still? If so , could you pass on my email to him plaese (we met when we were both learning our crafts 30 years ago!
    PS: saw you @ springfield junior high eons ago & then it was my first concert in the peg – never forget – cd is awesome!

  6. Teenage Rage

    Saw Gerald Show Its was SO Awsome!!
    Remember Darren the one u rap your arm’s around me awwwwwwwwww thank you i want to do that agian !! and remember the woman that flash’t you guys’ you rockt bet ever but so did kenny you and kenny were the onlys one’s that rockt the hole day… my friend Ian Darren the one you shook hands with he was so happy that you did that too him….. he was wishing that he would of had a nuff gut’s to ask if you could of signed his guitar but he got The hole streetheart band to sign it so he was really really Happy about that Lol…..

    well thank’s agian Darren and the rest of the band!! for rockin the rest of the right away you guy that was my frist concert of your guy’s and it was the best ever !!! and my very frist concert i was ever at in my hole life Was a Streetheart Conccert!! and i was awsome too i love the old band’s there the best better than that new junk these day’s RITE?????!!!!



  7. Saw the Winnipeg show tonight, fantastic performance guys!

  8. I am stoked! It’s about time that you guys put out some real rock to show the newer bands how its done. It’s been too long! I heard your new stuff on your myspace profile. When are you guys in the Toronto area next, I’ve got a long list of fans that will come out to see you.