Well you’ve all heard the rumours and it is true …

Gary GoldenThere is a change in the Harlequin line up. I am pleased to announce that without hard feelings or any rancor whatsoever there has been a change of the guard.

Original Harlequin member, Gary Golden is replacing Darren Moore who has moved on to do his own thing. Darren is pursuing his entrepreneurial projects in both the business and music worlds. Keeping one foot in performing you can catch him fronting the “Snake Oil Sinners”. We wish him all the best!

We will also be updating our website soon to reflect the changes and look forward to seeing you all down the road.

Rock On!

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  2. hi guys remember you from finnigans continental inn thunder bay I lived a 5 minute walk from the hotel iwould sit right up front and just love the music that was 37 years ago wow time flys. the house on home avenue that arnie lived in and the band parted in in was my grandparents home iwas brought there after my birth also my aunt who grew up ther married aman who was blood relative to john wilks booth the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln freaky or what I moved to Leduc right by the Edmonton airport and im really looking forward 2 seeing the band at century casino rock on

  3. Hello George, remember me?, I worked at the flower shop next to Pasta & More. Do you know whatever happened to Greg Johnson who worked for you, and lived with me for a while. How is Susan and family?. I guess you dont have a pasta shop anymore. How is your sister who made all those wonderful pasta dishes. I hope we make contact after all these years.

  4. Lorraine Reguly

    Hey, just saw you at the CLE in Thunder Bay, (again) and took videos this time. They didn’t turn out, soundwise, since I was beside the stage and think the wind interfered. They ended up static-y. What a bummer. I was the big girl in black with an emerald-green blazer; have curly hair and ended up getting all your autographs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the back of the photo I bought. Gave one of you my email addy (the drummer, I think, when he gave me the list of songs…) And loved, loved, LOVED hearing “Innocence” again LIVE. I really hope that you guys come back to Thunder Bay next year! You have many fans here! Also, if you are interested in doing an interview, I’d love to feature you on my blog!!! Email me, please, and let me know if you recall me, and if you’re interested in doing an email-interview. We can add a video interview if you are on Google+ (we can record a “hangout”). Thanks for the great entertainment! Have a great time rocking on!

  5. Thanks guys for a great show at the CLE in Thunder Bay on August 11th, 2013. Great music and hope one time to meet you guys in person if you ever come back to Thunder Bay to play and i love all your music! All the best!

  6. Caught them last night at EDROCKS!!! WOW – all the changes for the good!! Will send pics to Derrick.

  7. I just want to say thank you for the terrific concert in our Town of Raymore Saskatchewan. You still have it awesome loved it hoping you will be back one day if nothing else feel free to stop and say hi.

  8. Just saw your show at Raymore Sk. on August long. You were awsome one of the best shows ever and I am sure the community would agree. You guys are truly one of the greats, you did so much more than anyone was expecting, the songs after with Vern, the autographs, you made everyones weekend. The whole community will be buzzing about this night for a long time. Thank you so much for all you did I only hope you come back next year. Its great to see a band that truly loves what they are doing and gives it’s fans 100% and more!!!!! Thanks again!!

  9. To The Band,

    What a fantastic gig you guys played at the Canada Day celebrations in Spruce Grove. I’m old enough to remember you guys making your album releases in the 80’s & what a time we all had. Fanf%*#ingtastic! Alot of the bands have somewhat changed since then as I watch my kids growing up in to young teenagers & listening to some new sounds. That said, I found myself in front of center stage with two of my four kids on Canada Day & actually started grooving with my kids to some great sound. What a feeling of fun and living life. We all had a great time & the kids got to see one of the more legendary rock bands of the 80’s. A true testament to your tenure as a band & the dedication to the music genre “Rock” on a whole. Your little run into jam mode towards the end of the set gave the show a fantastic final touch & I left the show feeling great after having cut loose to the sounds of a great band.

    Thanks again & feel free to come back to the area any time. Until then,

    Keep on Rockin’ in the free world.


  10. Seen you guys at the Canada Day party in Spruce Groovy AB. Gotta tell ya , ya still got it!! I have seen your shows all across Canada at 1 time or another in the past 20 some odd years..Good to see a few Canadians still working for the fans.. The outdoor sound was different.. still good old Rock tho..