2012 George

It seems some of the boys didn’t like my last posting as it was golf related! They are of the opinion that golf is for old men. I totally get it…. as that was my opinion for a long time too.
Nik was to do the next posting but I guess he’s been too busy knitting, curling and stamp collecting! 🙂

Derek has never posted anything either as he is too busy lifting heavy objects, then seeing chiropractors and physiotherapists! But in fairness I don’t think they have access to the internet in the boonies yet! 🙂

AJ hasn’t posted in some time either as he has been out golfing with me most of the time!

Darren has been too busy travelling to Dubai selling water to the Arabs! When he can’t seal a deal over there he introduces them to his “Stonewall Handshake” which will be the subject of Nik’s next posting I’m sure, as he’s already developing a T-Shirt! (This is an inside joke that we will gladly divulge to anyone asking in the privacy of our dressing room, as long as there are no agents lurking about! Enough said!)

Gary Golden, the original keyboardist for the band had to sub in for Darren a few weeks back and did a spectacular job … it was like wearing an old shoe … no offense Gary!

Derrick was only too happy to let Gary play all the slide guitar parts. Thank God that Gary left his old red leather pants at home. Oh! That’s right I forgot … we burned them in a small ceremony behind the arena in Sault Ste Marie a long time ago!

OK I can’t stand it anymore … I have to tell everyone who cares that I shot an 80 last Sunday as witnessed by AJ. I’m pretty damn proud of myself! 🙂

We will be going East and West this summer playing lots of outdoor gigs and hope to see you all there.

BTW A Company in England has re-mastered our Love Crimes album! They have enhanced it with old photos and interviews too! It’s pretty slick! You can order your copy at: www.rockcandyrecords.com

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  1. Dave Walters

    thanks for a great show in Edmonton last night guys , i truly enjoyed it with lee aaron was a great night of rock and roll, nice to meet aj and nik at dinner very nice guys come back soon !
    Dave Walters