Yearly Archives: 2009

A.J. Newsletter

Question: How many clowns does it take to get to Newfoundland and if one or two should happen to fall when there, do they make a sound? O.K. O.K. I’m allowed a couple of inside jokes. After all, I have … Read more »

Newsletter June 09

THEY’RE HERE!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, step right up a get your own copy of the new Harlequin release Live “ON/Q”. Fraught with mishap and misadventure, yet fun as hell to put together, we delivered as promised. We’ve been told … Read more »

George’s Ramblings

I’m a bit of a procrastinator at times … I was asked to write a newsletter and had it in the back of my mind, stewing, waiting for the creative juices to infuse my brain with little pearls of wisdom … Read more »